Vincent Jacobs is behind ITsenses...

Mastering: As an engineer, Vincent uses known technology with common sense to improve day-to-day life. His sweet spot is Information Technology. Most recently, Vincent redesigns P&G's employee service portal and codes an entire workflow engine for service management. As a student for group work reporting, Vincent develops a 'WordPerfect' like word processor in assembly. He also develops a 3D kitchen configurator used by a retailer. His final thesis contribution is an IT toolbox for 3D representation of electromagnetic wave scattering through rain drops. The path is set: mastering technology is the essential "means" but not the "end"!

Leading: Vincent joins Procter & Gamble (P&G) IT department in 1993 where his assignments have a common theme: leading through innovation with IT. Vincent starts the marketing analysis program leveraging statistics and modelling to support marketing decisions. Vincent starts a program to provide the application owners community with internal IT infrastructure consultancy. Vincent introduces collaboration tools and the first intranet application. He is in the leadrship team of the initial employee productivity improvement programs (LEAN like). This slowly leads him to specialize in the sound automation of front office service desk.

Managing: End of 2003, Vincent opts to transfer to Hewlett Packard (HP) Outsourcing Services where he learns to manage a team of professionals in a much larger IT shop: keeping the team morale up, doing more with less, leveraging globalization of the workforce in virtual work environment (Philippines, India, China), scaling the application and services, learning project management rigour. Vincent manages his team as a family and is a fan of tools like MBTI to maximize team and individual contributions. HP also offers the opportunity to consilidate experience in the front office service desk automation and intranet portals at the enterprise architecture level: more customers and more solutions.

Serving: Early 2010, Vincent is taking a new challenge with ITsenses allowing him to focus on the core tasks & expertise where he can best serve customers. This is also giving him the bandwidth to engage in entrepreneurial & startup activities or even teaching math & IT at schools where his skills can be valued.

For more detailed curriculum, request Vincent's resume

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