The 6 senses of IT for your business: IT just makes sense for your business!

ITsenses offers the 6 senses of IT for your business. The 6 senses are the consulting services used at the early stages/gates in your IT projects: architect, business analyst or even solutions engineer. With ITsenses your IT will:

Hear: understand and translate your business to IT, ASIS business analysis, ASIS business process flowchartingthe 6 senses for IT
Smell: identify value creation and innovation opportunities with IT for your business, define TOBE state, elaborate business cases, spot opportunities for IT
See: elaborate vision, enterprise systems strategy, create the 4 layers of your enterprise architecture (business, functional, technology and implementation)
Taste: develop proof of concept or mockups, perform software package selection analysis
Touch: custom development of your front-ends (Java/C++, DHTML/XML/JavaScript, .net/Lotusscript, web 2.0,...), integrate or interface around the leading software packages

ITsenses will top that with the 6th sense: its "feel for people" will help to leverage diversity in your teams for maximum productivity and business results. ITsenses can act here as interim team lead for your teams in charge of above sensing capabilities.

ITsenses is best applying all these sensing or consulting skills around IT systems in your front office service desk for your customers.

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